FAQ: Shine

Q: Who should take Shine?
A: Shine is intended for women over 18 years of age. Shine naturally balances women’s hormones to aid in fat loss, improve libido, and fight the symptoms of PMS. This synergistic formula will improve women’s moods, restore sexual drive, and give women the balance they need all month long. Shine is not intended for women under 18 or those who are currently using bio-identical hormones, have had a hysterectomy, or have gone through menopause.

Q: What is the best way to integrate Shine into my own diet and health plan?
A: Before taking the full recommended dosage, start integrating Shine into your own health routine by taking just one capsule with food during your last meal of the day. By starting with one capsule and slowly working towards the full dose of three capsules daily, you will give your body the proper time to acclimate to the ingredients and their unique effects on your body.

Q: Can I take Shine with other medications?
A: Shine is a naturally-sourced product and is generally safe to take with other supplements, products, and medications. However, we always recommend consulting a doctor before use if you are taking any prescription drugs.

Q: What other Xyngular products would you recommend I take with Shine?
A: Shine goes great with any Xyngular product, but the ideal combination of products will vary based on your personal health goals. If enhancing your activity is the goal, then try Shine, Spryng, and Lean. If healthy aging is the goal, then try Shine, Axion, and Global Blend.

Q: Is Shine naturally-sourced?
A: Yes. Shine is a naturally-sourced product.

Q: Does Shine contain hormones or steroids?
A: Shine contains no hormones or steroids.

Q: What are the main ingredients found in Shine?
A: Shine contains a combination of several extracts that were combined to create the most effective and complete female hormone balancing product available today. Shine contains Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Calcium D-Glucarate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc, Black Pepper Fruit Extract Bioperine®, Ashwagandha Root Extract KSM-66®, Chaste Tree Berry Extract, Maca Root Extract, Shilajit Extract PrimaVie®, White Willow Bark Extract, Red Raspberry Leaf, Dandelion Root Extract, Diindolylmethane, Epimedium Extract, and Sulforaphane Glucosinolate.

Q: I noticed Shine is more expensive than other products. Why is that?
A: Shine is a revolutionary product with a variety of unique and effective ingredients to help maintain healthy hormone levels and PMS symptoms typically associated with the female hormonal cycle. Unlike many women’s hormonal and PMS products, Shine has independent third party validation. This 12-week study supports Shine’s benefits for balancing natural hormonal levels, reducing the symptoms of PMS (bloating, cramping, mood swings, etc.), eliminating excess estrogens from the body, optimizing libido, and much more. In addition to the third party validation, Shine uses novel new ingredients in a proven combination to provide a total solution to a complex problem in a single product, replacing the need for any other hormonal balance or optimization products. Shine replaces the need for existing hormonal products, anti-PMS products, healthy aging products, and your liver health supplements, in one simple to use product.

Q: How long do I need to take Shine before I start to feel the benefits?
A: Shine’s ingredients affect the body at varying rates. Some of the active ingredients contained in the extracts used in Shine require more time to produce a notable effect, while others take effect almost immediately. Shine is a continuous use product and most users see results after 30 days of consistent use.

Q: Are there any side effects with taking Shine?
A: While taking shine, a harmless but noticeable change in urine color may occur. Shine is not intended for women under 18 or those who are currently using bio-identical hormones, have had a hysterectomy, or have gone through menopause.

Q: Are there any clinical studies to support the benefits of Shine?
A: Yes. Shine was the subject of a recent clinical study in which many of Shine’s incredible benefits were confirmed. The study showed Shine was not only safe but also effective. Shine was shown to reduce the symptoms of PMS in over 80% of women, while also improving sexual function and desire, increasing energy levels, and improving overall hormonal balance in women suffering from PMS. In addition to the study on Shine itself, several of the ingredients have been the subjects of clinical studies that confirm the varied potential benefits in the Shine formula.

Q: Where is Shine made and who created it?
A: Xyngular created Shine to be the complete solution to promote healthy hormone levels in women. The formulation of Shine was led by Peter Griscom, Sr. Director of Product at Xyngular. Shine is manufactured in the United States from the highest quality raw ingredients, under strict GMP guidelines.

Q: How can I buy Shine?
A: Shine is available for purchase through any Xyngular Independent Distributor.